Professional Society of Genetic Counselors in Asia

What is PSGCA?

The Professional Society of Genetic Counselors in Asia (PSGCA) is a special interest group and abides by the bylaw and constitution of the Asia Pacific Society of Human Genetics as it serves as the parent society.


The PSGCA’s vision is to be the lead organization that advances and mainstreams the genetic counseling profession in Asia, and ensures that all have equal access to genetic counseling services.


The PSGCA’s mission is to promote quality genetic counseling services in the region by fostering practice and curricular standards, research and continuing education. It will contribute to the expansion of the knowledge base for genetic counselors through collaborative research, as well as actively participate in developing socially and culturally appropriate genetic counseling policies.

Specifically, the society aims to:

* Expand access and delivery of quality genetic counseling services in Asia;

* Foster partnership among Asian countries for genetic counseling student didactic training, clinical rotation opportunities and ensuring quality training programs by maintaining minimum standards;

* Promote genetic counseling research;

* Participate in policy development; and

* Ensure professional development and continuing education opportunities for genetic counselors practicing in Asia.

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How to become a PSGCA member?

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The PSGCA is a special interest society under the Asia-Pacific Society of Human Genetics (APSHG). Registration as a member in the APSHG is a requisite for PSGCA membership. Existing members of APSHG only need to pay for the PSGCA membership fee to join.

For questions, send an email to either:

Donny Nauphar
PSGCA Membership Director

Peter James Abad
PSGCA Secretary