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Persons applying to the PSGCA must be members of the APSHG.

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For membership inquiries, you may contact:

Donny Nauphar, Membership Director (
Peter Abad, Secretary (  

Full membership shall be extended to: a. any individual who holds a master’s level graduate degree in genetic counseling b. any individual who holds a diploma (1 year training) or certificate (<1 yr training) in genetic counseling from an accredited institution and should have at least 2 and 3 years of clinical experience, respectively, and should have been supervised by a medical geneticist. Provided, that the said diploma or certificate was obtained prior to June 2016. Thereafter, all full members should hold a master level graduate degree in genetic counseling.

Full members may attend all meetings of members, vote, and serve in the Board of Directors and serve as Chair of a committee.

Associate membership shall be extended to all applicants who are healthcare professionals whose qualifications does not meet the requirements for full membership but whose interests focus on genetic counseling and in fostering the goals of the Society.

Associate members have all privileges of full members except they may not vote, or serve on any leadership role.

Student membership shall be extended to students enrolled in a genetic counseling training program offered by an accredited institution, as well as extended to students enrolled in other programs who are also interested in the field of genetic counseling.

Student members shall have all the privileges of full members, except they may not vote or serve in any leadership role with the exception of any group specifically chartered for students.

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